Complete, accurate and audit-ready ESG data

We prioritize collecting complete, accurate, and audit-ready data with our Collect module, which considers materiality, avoids human errors, and eliminates double entries. Users can easily gather information from a variety of sources, including popular third-party tools, Excel or CSV files, and manual input. The collected data is organized and securely stored in a central location, providing a comprehensive view of business impacts on ESG aspects and enabling data-driven decisions.


Our data analysis tools under the Analyze module help users understand their sustainability data and identify areas for improvement. Our Analyze module provides a complete and accurate understanding of consumption patterns, hotspots, and key statistics. Users can compare data across different departments, business activities, products, or locations of operation, and access an insightful overview of how each aspect fits into larger sustainability targets and goals.


The Report feature simplifies ESG reporting by allowing users to share and export sustainability data into multiple reporting frameworks. Users can develop a centralized database of ESG KPIs and tailor customizable templates to fit their specific communication strategies. Our team of expert sustainability consultants helps tailor ESG reports to specific stakeholder groups significant to the company.


Our Optimize module unlocks the true value of sustainability with our proprietary machine learning models developed in-house by our data scientists and consultants. With the optimize module, accurately predict future consumption patterns, and set targets for various ESG aspects to inform sustainability strategy and data-based decision making. Mitigate risks, optimize costs, improve efficiency, and strategize intelligently with Sustainext.


The Track module simplifies the process of tracking and monitoring sustainability performance, identifying hotspots, and accessing customized dashboards. Using our analytics & data visualization tools, users can easily track progress against targets, commitments to sustainability-related pledges, measure performance over time, and generate presentation-ready graphs and reports within minutes. With Sustainext, a holistic ESG overview enabling precise and effective decision-making is now a reality.