One of the key challenges in Sustainability is Data Collection. There are thousands of data points scattered across different departments and locations and collating the data manually is a very tedious and expensive process and is prone to human error.
At Sustainext, we help organizations overcome this complex challenge by implementing RPA or Robotic Process Automation by deploying Software Bots to obtain data from the various departments and locations across the organization and collate all the relevant information and update it into the Sustainext Platform.

Automating Data Collection is an on-going process and not a one-time activity and therefore requires organizations to either have in-house Teams to manage the Automation Process or work with Managed Service Providers who handle the entire process from Design to Development, Triggering and Scheduling the Bot, Monitoring and Optimizing the Bot Performance, and On-Going Maintenance.


Managing business-risks arising from climate change is an inevitable part of a comprehensive sustainability strategy. Sustainext’s Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA) module helps businesses reduce their vulnerability and take advantage of opportunities that arise as a result of a changing climate in an effective but simplified manner. By combining the best of technology and sustainability expertise, Sustainext offers a wide range of tools – from data collection and analysis to strategic planning and reporting and provides an all-in-one solution for businesses looking to understand and manage their climate risks.

Whether organizations require AI powered Insights or Climate Modelling & What if Scenarios, Data Extraction using Optical Character Recognition and Computer Vision or Natural Language Processing, Sustainext can provide these services as part of the Platform or through Independent Consulting support where our team of Data Scientists, AI and ML Engineers can work develop Predictive Analytics and Recommendation Engines to meet their business goals and objectives.


Emissions are material for every business in today’s world, so why not automate it and let technology and experts handle it for you so you can keep your focus on running your business? Sustainext offers a comprehensive carbon accounting solution for businesses looking to measure, manage, reduce, and optimize their carbon footprint. With our user-friendly interface, powerful analytics tools and customized dashboards, you can easily visualize, track and analyze your company’s emissions data, set science-based reduction targets towards Carbon Neutrality and Net-Zero Emissions, and create a customized roadmap to achieve them.

At Sustainext, our team of Analytics experts work with you to extract data from all your connected sources and devices that allows you to reinvent your operations and transform business functions like never before. Analytics allows organizations to identify revenue leakage and create new revenue streams.