Next Generation Carbon Accounting Experience

Carbon & Emissions

  • Automate emissions management by with Sustainext’s Comprehensive Carbon Accounting Solution for businesses of all sizes.
  • Calculate Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 emissions and ensure accounting in complete, accurate, science-based and audit ready.
  • Measure, Manage, Report, Optimize and Track your Carbon Footprint
  • Set science-based targets and Net Zero targets & develop custom net zero roadmaps and achieve carbon neutrality
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing ERP and Data Systems, make data collection and reporting a breeze

Climate change

  • Understand you organization’s exposure to climate related Risks and Opportunities by conducting Climate Change Risk Assessment
  • Conduct a bespoke scenario analysis using our scenario modelling tool
  • make managing climate risk simple, accessible, and effective.
  • Reduce your vulnerability to climate change.
  • take advantage of opportunities that arise as a result of a changing climate in an effective manner.
  • Report to TCFD and CDP in a comprehensive manner


Going beyond just Environment

  • Take your ESG performance to the next level with Sustainext’s ESG module.
  • Exclusive CAROT approach designed to simplify sustainability.
  • Comprehensive set of tools for measuring, analysing, and tracking material ESG metrics
  • Visualize progress, identify opportunities for growth and improve performance with easy-to-navigate dashboards.
  • Reduce environmental footprint, create positive social impact and integrate sustainability into corporate decision-making and governance.
  • Increase transparency and ensure effective communication of ESG performance and prepare for upcoming regulation and standardization.

S&G in ESG

  • Be equipped to go beyond just environmental impact with our Social and Governance Modules
  • Overcome carbon tunnel-vision and adopt a holistic approach to sustainability strategy.
  • Unleash the potential for progress across the triple bottom-line.
  • Integrate sustainability into your social and governance policies and reporting.
  • Track key social and governance metrics using Sustainext’s Dashboards
  • Create equitable, diverse, empowered and transparent workplaces and communities.


Providing solutions backed with technology


  • Deploy Software Bots for Data Collection (Scope 1, 2 and 3)
  • Automate all Administrative, Repetitive and Mundane tasks.
  • Increase your Turnaround Times.
  • Eliminate Human Error and Increase Accuracy and Efficiency.
  • Reduce your operating Costs.
  • Empower your workforce and reduce dependencies.
  • Work with a Team of highly skilled Automation Developers, Solution Architects and Business Analysts.

AI + ML 

  • Use Process and Task Mining applications to identify pain points within your Sustainability Practice
  • Incorporate OCR and Computer Vision to Extract Data from structured and un-structured documents.
  • Implement Conversational AI via Intelligent Chatbots and Voicebots that use Natural Language Understanding and Processing to interact with your internal and external stakeholders.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by staying ahead of the curve.
  • Work with a Team of AI and ML Engineers to scale Artificial Intelligence within your organization.
  • Be a Technology First Organization.


  • Identify Hotspots across your organization and its operations.
  • Create customized filters and views.
  • Generate and download customized reports in a single click.
  • Create What if Scenarios.
  • Get Access to Real Time Dashboards.
  • Gain Predictive Insights through Forecasting and Comparison Trends
  • Work with a Team of highly experienced Data Analysts and Data Scientists


Dedicated Staffing solutions

  • Save on your CAPEX and OPEX by Outsourcing.
  • Operate 24/7/365 which gives you a competitive advantage.
  • Focus on your Key operations and Revenue generating activities.
  • Access Global Talent via Sustainext Delivery Centers across.
  • Opportunities to Diversify
  • Work on Flexible Engagement Models (Part Time and Full Time) staff.
  • Get access to on-ground support via Local Managing Partners.
  • Work with a Global Sustainability Business that maintains the highest level of compliance and security standards. 


Guidance through complexities

  • Stakeholder Engagement & Materiality Assessment
  • ESG Reporting: GRI, SASB,  Reporting
  • CDP Reporting
  • UNSDG Reporting
  • CSR Reporting
  • Social Impact Assessment
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Supplier Sustainability Assessment
  • Sustainability Leadership Consulting