At Sustainext, we will take the time to get to know your ESG business structure first by mapping out the roles and responsibilities of your staff. We will also examine workflows and any SOPS (standard operating procedures) that currently exist. Our initial focus on workflows, roles, and responsibilities will help us to understand your “As Is” business processes. Getting this accurate picture of where your business stands today when it comes to Sustainability is crucial for a successful engagement. We will take all the knowledge we gain about your business and document it in easy-to-understand charts and descriptions. 

Our process consulting is thorough and comprehensive. Our process consulting for has affected change in a variety of organizations and we believe process is important for every industry and sector. 

The below highlights the steps of a Sustainext Process Consulting engagement:

– Map the Current Process
– Analyze the Current Process
– Redesign Processes as Needed
– Test new Processes
– Communicate changes
– Implement New Processes
– Monitor and Optimize