ESG Value

Sustainext’s ESG module is a game-changing tool for companies looking to improve their environmental, social and governance performance. With Sustainext’s exclusive CAROT approach designed to simplify sustainability, you can rest assured that your business is supported with a comprehensive set of tools for measuring, analysing and tracking ESG metrics that truly matter to you. With easy-to-use dashboards and customised metrics, we make it simple to visualise data, identify opportunities and track progress.

Reduce your environmental footprint, create positive social impact and integrate sustainability into corporate governance so you can drive growth, gain competitive advantage and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability to customer, shareholders and key stakeholders in a transparent manner. Our user-friendly platform is easy to navigate and accessible to all levels of management, making it the ideal solution for companies looking to achieve their sustainability goals while saving time and resources.

S&G in ESG

All around the globe, companies are experiencing a carbon emission tunnel vision when it comes to their sustainability strategy. Addressing environmental impact is a priority given the urgent need to tackle climate change no doubt, however, it is also vital that social and governance aspects are prioritised as part of a comprehensive sustainability approach. Despite this, companies struggle to make meaningful progress across these two key areas of sustainability.

Sustainext is designed to simplify – with our platform, your business can make data based decisions on what matters, collect, analyse and report qualitative and quantitative social and governance data, make strategic decisions, integrate sustainability, develop policies and make strides on your journey towards sustainability. Unleashing the potential of progress across the triple bottom-line is now achievable with Sustainext’s dashboards to track social and governance-related metrics and with expert consulting support. Create equitable, diverse, empowered and transparent workplaces and communities while guiding the growth of a sustainable organization with Sustainext.