From Zero to Net-Zero + using software tools to simplify your journey.

Duration: 1  Hour 30 mins

Part 1 – From Zero to Net-Zero: Embarking on your ESG journey and using tools to simplify the process (20 Minutes) [Ajay Korpal]

This session guides executives on the path to achieving net-zero emissions. It covers understanding net-zero concepts, emphasizing the Caribbean’s climate vulnerability, and outlines steps to set and reach sustainability goals. A pivotal 10-minute section introduces the Sustainext cloud-based ESG platform, demonstrating its features in tracking emissions, reporting, and sustainability metric analysis. The presentation also addresses common challenges, showcases case studies of successful efforts, and concludes with a call to action. The Sustainext demo highlights how technology can simplify the journey to net-zero emissions for Caribbean corporations.

Part 2 – The Role of Carbon Offsetting in your Net Zero Strategy (15-20 minutes) [Christina deVries]

This section of the webinar provides a comprehensive overview of the pivotal role that carbon offsetting plays in achieving net-zero targets. We’ll cover key topics including a clear explanation of carbon offsetting, an exploration of various types and technologies involved, and an in-depth look at standards, certifications, and registries ensuring the credibility of offset projects. Additionally, we’ll address practical aspects such as the costs associated with offsetting and how to make offset purchases. Lastly, we’ll discuss the importance of accurate reporting in showcasing your organization’s commitment to sustainability and net-zero goals. Join us to gain valuable insights into leveraging carbon offsetting for a greener, more sustainable future.