How Sustainext is using data, process, and technology to solve challenges around corporate Sustainability.

Most organizations that currently disclose their ESG performance understand the challenges around data collection which resides across several different applications and collating that data in a meaningful
template is even more complex and this is where technology needs to be embraced.

Data needs to be extracted from several different applications and this is not a one-time activity but a recurring monthly task and therefore leveraging technology solutions such as Robotic Process Automation, OCR and Computer Vision for Data Extraction can streamline the entire Data Collection process this can significantly reduce processing times and costs and eliminate human error.

Standardizing the Data collection process and integrating technology within the process is the need of the hour. ESG disclosures are becoming more stringent across every geography and organizations are facing the heat from regulators, investors and customers to increase transparency and responsibility.

At Sustainext, we offer a Platform that is in-built with Automation, AI/ML and Analytics to give organizations a complete end to end solution to solve complex challenges around Corporate Sustainability. The Sustainext Platform offers the best of Data, Process and Technology that can give organizations a competitive advantage in this highly challenging landscape to avoid regulatory pitfalls.