MSMEs and the challenges they face in integrating sustainability.

Small and medium-sized enterprises MSMEs) play a vital role in the global economy, but many struggle to integrate sustainability into their operations in a way that adds value. The main challenges they face are difficulties around data collection and process standardization. Since sustainability has become a key consideration for businesses of all sizes, MSMEs need to integrate it into their operations to maintain their license to operate and to cater to the demands of sustainability conscious customers, business partners, investors, and regulators.

One of the major difficulties MSMEs face is the lack of standardization and difficulties around data collection. Without a clear, standardized approach, it can be difficult for MSMEs to identify areas where they can improve their environmental and social impact and make informed decisions about how to become more sustainable. This stems from a deeper problem of thousands of data points of varied nature, scattered across different departments, locations, and data owners. This creates a scenario where enterprises are drowning in data and are unable to derive any meaningful insights to make impactful sustainability decisions.

Sustainext is an innovative solution that leverages technology and consulting expertise to provide MSMEs with a simple, standardized, and automated way to collect and integrate sustainability data. This powerful SaaS platform was created to help simplify sustainability and aid meaningful decision making for MSMEs. Sustainext is designed to be easily integrated into existing systems, allowing MSMEs to streamline their sustainability data collection and reporting processes, without having to invest in new software or hardware. This means that MSMEs can begin their sustainability journey without having to spend a lot of money or resources, and can instead focus on identifying areas for improvement, making informed decisions, and communicating progress to key stakeholders in a meaningful way to